Once we have created your website we can use some of the same materials to make you a brochure and other items you need or present your business for marketing. 

All results very. Because google, facebook and many other providers change their rules often, it's hard to gauge what the future brings. But I do know we always adjust with change. 

Web, social media, and electronic design.


Facebook and Social Media Marketing.

It just so happens all the award winning skills we have for video production and photography are the single most important tools in social media's organic reach. "Organic reach' is the way websites are found using certain search terms. Organic is basically for free, have grown many websites with out even paying for SEO, just by using our skills and making a proper websites that have reached 10,000 to 55,000 monthly visitors. Facebook, google, instagram and youtube will testify that video is the number one most important tool in organic reach. They want you to have videos on your facebook and website. Google will put you first in search engine results and visibility algorithms on facebook over a competitor that dose not.  However, without the finesse between video production and whats required you wont get the same results. ​ We never paid anything to grow girlpage networks facebook or website. 


Our strength with multimedia design are 'presentation' websites. We put your best foot forward showcasing your business. In most cases we create a website you can change yourself. Basically we create a beautiful site with photography and videos and set up your social media. Then let you update and maintain it.. Of course if you want us to update it we can do that too. Our goal is to make you independent of us. You call us on us for the big stuff.  We host your site on Super Genius Websites a sister company with a support team 24/7 to walk you through any questions. 

Current ​Example: I handle Elio's facebook and just recently instagram. Facebook gets 500 to 1,500 views a post organically with just 2,000 fans. Paying to boost a post with a nominal fee $20.00 will ensure it gets boosted to most their fans and reach 7,000 to 10,000 people. Our best result was reaching over 212,000 people with 37,760 people clicking and watching the video. These videos can be watched without clicking on them. We paid $60. towards boosting the post. These are great results. They already have one location and a great flow of business, so they don't really need to pay a lot. It's always good to keep your audience engaged without being over whelmed. Elio's neighbor, Living Spaces, a major corporation has 200,000 fans, but only gets 1-10 likes a post average. Their fan base dwarfs Elio's Fan base, but Elios fan engagement dwarfs theirs. I like to take a little credit for that. That Elio's facebook rocks! In the end, an even better result: Since we started adding the videos, comparing June 2016 with June 2017 their was a $22,000 INCREASE IN REVENUE. Thats just one month example! It's a combination of many things. The fact Elio's give good service and great food makes my job easier..But the video brings attention drives them to the door.