Rent Behind The Light Mashup documentary with Sarah Smith

established in 1984


Video Film Productions 



• 40 minutes • English

Music Sarah Smith [link

Produced By Playback Video & Film Productions 
​Stacy Poulos 

2018 Award winning: Behind The Light;  A Mashup Documentary 

Starring Sarah Smith & Director Stacy Poulos
2 Minute Trailer  DVD Coming Soon!

Watch this award-winning music video

'Into The Light' Sarah Smith Directed by Stacy Poulos


This mashup behind-the-scenes is a story of two small town women, one a Canadian pop-rock star, the other an award-winning Californian filmmaker. Armed with a crew of four, they reached international recognition and wound up sharing a the movie marquee with a major feature film. This is the first feature short film created with 'selfie videos'. Music, television and film enthusiasts will enjoy following the journey of this award-winning music video as it comes to fruition. 

Thank you to all the press for supporting this project!