Up Sale TV - Another Super Genius Marketing tool!

Sign up for Up Sale TV. [Link].  You add your ADs and manage them . Like all Playback.net products you have a option of self serve or we help. Or we help create the ADs and you manage them. 


You've managed to get customers in your building, woot, woot, woot! Now let us help direct them to products and services you would like them to know about with 'Up Sale TV'. Screen Ads, animated menus, Video ads, DOCs,  or all on giant screens. A indoor billboard. ​It's Super Genius! Let us know what you'd like to see and we will have our award winning team deliver! Each TV, same room or different location around the world, can have their own schedule/playlist managed by a remote computer anywhere in the world! Multiple TVs, Multiple locations? No Problem.   Have a popular location? Sell ADs on your TV in between your own ADs and make REVENUE! Cha-ching. Or leverage suppliers, It's now basically YOUR NETWORK TV!  Near foot traffic? Don't let them go by with out knowing whats inside! Place a TV in the Window! lure in customers with your amazing stuff.  I love it! 

Get a 4k Toshiba Fire Addition

1) Sign up 'UpSaleTV.com'.  use the OptiSign link. 

2) Make Stunning Ads. 1920x1080 pix jpgs. or 4K 4096 x 2160 pix. jpgs.  Or Animated GIFs. You can orientate your ads to be normal landscape, or tall. Don't worry we'll do this. 

3) If you have a HDMI port on your TV, all you need is an Internet connection, direct or wireless, and get a Firetvstick to play and manage them on existing TVs. (If your old school, think of a Firetvstick as a VCR that plays videos). Your videos! Your photos! 

5) Better yet get a Fire TV! The bigger the better. Go with 4k! Make sure you have FireTV capabilities. 

Insignia 50 inch 4k TV (Amazon)

Toshiba 50 inch 4k TV. (Amazon)

Buy From BestBuy Click!

6) Sign up here Optisign. If we are setting up your TV, we will give you a common password so we can help you. You can change it when we are done or leave it for continued support. Upload your videos, Images, JPGs. Make a playlist, assign it to a TV. Update the playlist with new images all year long! 

Let's get started.  1-510-538-0155