Sarah Smith - Into The Light

Award Winning Music Video  [link]

(Training Clips) The Art Of Low Pressure Cast Iron Tapping and Bagging

PG&E 1994


Knudsen's Ice Creamery Castro Valley, CA  [link]

Thrift Town

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KO-Websites Intro to Company

& Testimonials video

Your Story is My Story



Elios Facebook Ads

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ACSO Animated EOD logo

Same Day Crown Prints In The Office! Cosmetic Dental Spa '  

Explanation Video 

Postcard Travelers w/ Patricia Schultz

1000 Place Before you Die

Raw selfy interview

Andronico's Supermarkets

Played On Movie Theater Screen Paramount Theater

Cathy Youngling 'The Real Marin Gal'  

Intro Video with drone footage 

Sarah Smith - The Stars

Music Video

BAM-INK Product demonstration 


Lincoln Properties

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The Story Of CARH

Award Winning Documentary